Uncharted Empires

As we have seen the first preview video, I thought it would be a good idea to get a thread going where we can post any news and thoughts about the upcoming release.

I am a bit apprehensive about having so many themed lists that are built from a selection of lists from the main rule book. It is going to result in flicking in-between two books during list creation and while gaming.

Time will tell.


I am very glad that salamanders are making it into their own master list. They really needed some love and I hope they also get some new miniatures from Mantic, the pirates would be great!

Otherwise, I look forward to see how the herd and brotherhood/brothermark are treated in 3ed …

Im interested to see Kingdoms of Men.
Pikes- better than spears?
Mounted Scouts- getting regiments or buffs?
Giants & Beasts of War staying?
They have said KoM will get an Assassin hero.

Agreed. A Salamander Corsairs theme list, with some nuatical/swashbuckling theme units would be interesting.

Just a brief question. Is it already known when the UE supplement will be released.

I think it is scheduled for a December release, along side the Gamers edition of the rulebook.

If I remember correctly, the original information (at the time the 3ed was announced) was that the supplement would follow 3-4 weeks after the rulebook. Apparently, the release got delayed a bit if it comes out in December.

I am also really looking forward to seeing how the pikes will be represented. I am at 6 pike hordes (4 painted) and counting.



Well, maybe they will come out in a future supplement.

My bet is Phalanx and Ensnare like now, with the new -1 from Phalanx, that will be an impressive -2 for cavalry.

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Pitched for early December, which is 6 weeks from launch. No delays since that was announced, or at all :).

Good, thanks for clarifying the matter!

I’m curious whether the order of the brothermark will be a theme list on the Basilean army or a theme list on Kingdoms of Men. The fluff seems to indicate that the Order of the Brothermark may be based on the basilean army list; this is quite different than previously.

Order of the Green lady is based on the forces of nature army list.

At least I’m glad they’re in there!

I saw on goblin gaming that it will be retailing for 19.95 pounds which is great value! Any idea on the page count? And do the theme lists actually list the unit stats or would you have to refer back to the main rulebook? (for the shared units).

112 Pages. Only additional units in a theme are listed. The Master list entries are not duplicated.


Thanks Matt! Good to know.

That is actually not so bad. With easyarmy and therelike you will always have everything you need listed on your army list printout.

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I kind off like this idea of the theme lists.

I see the ones they showed did have quite a few unique units, I assume this is true for all the theme lists. Take X from master list, then add unique units.

I’m dying to see the Twilight kin, will they only be a mix and match of possibly 3 armies (Elves, nightmares and abyssals)? Will they have at least a couple of unique entries? Will it be possible to make a Twilight Kin all (or mostly) elf list, or will they depend heavily on the nightmares/abyssals?

I have a feeling that twilight kin will have fewer flying beasties (like dragons and drakons) than elves. I’m really curious to see where they go with that

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The ones for KoW3 seem quite nice. They offer hybrid lists between two kinds of armies with a handful unique units. the things I’ve seen already give me a good hope.

This is far unlike the KoWhistorical army in which the theme lists usually are far more limited than the master list. Sometimes they worked (French, mongols, romans), but most often they did not.

This could very well be.

The nice thing is that T’kin that rely mostly on elf units can always use the elf list. This list has access both to a “medium” (drakon) and “strong” (draGon) flier as well as the drakon rider unit.

Has there been any info on when previews will come out?