Undead 3rd edition sneak peek

Zombies defense drops but cheaper. " expendable"??

Necromancer can have an ability that gives nearby units with " zombie" keyword Vicious attacks.

Vampires are looking good.

Zombie trolls. Goreblight.

Not much other info.


Really interested to see what the “expendable” tag does.
All that I can think of, is that they count less for kill points?

Also really excited to see what the Phalanx rule does!

Either way, looks like undead will remain really STRONK

Expendable is a rule in Warpath/Firefight. Basically means the points of the unit aren’t counted for VP and can’t complete objectives. Be interesting to see what flavor of that made it into KoW.

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Damn I hope they didnt make Zombies less useful. I want to park a Legion on an objective.

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Well US is now a specific part of the unit profile so that can be dealt with through tweaking that. Imagine if they don’t count for kill points - wade though a sea of zombies and get nothing for killing them :wink:

There is one thing with the key words that I am both excited for, and dreading.

The fact that they can (although not necessarily will) make spells/abilities effect different key words differently.

for example, I always wanted something like a necro with heal (3), but when that heal is cast at zombies it becomes heal (8), or whatever. Although this specific example I doubt will happen now that the goreblight is also considered a zombie.

Things like this can get really cool, but I feel can also get out of hand quite quickly. One of my main loves of KoW is the fact that it is so seemingly simple. I can play an opponent, with a new army I have never seen before, for the first time, and by just looking over his list for 2 minutes, I can get a fairly good idea of what his army does and how it wants to function. I don’t need a ton of prior knowledge about the faction, or how unit X interacts with unit/rule Y etc. This low knowledge entry point is really something I value about the game.

Thus the new keywords making me equal parts excited and nervous.

Although I do think the keywords does make some things cleaner. I always wondered whether the Lykanis actually counts as a werewolf (not that it actually mattered, I was just curious)


Most keywords are in place for the future and don’t have immediate uses.

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Is the Goreblight a new addition, a Zombie Giant? If so I would like to see what model Mantic have for it.

Very tempted to do a full ‘Zombie’ themed undead…

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Well good news! The goreblight mini is already available.

They released it for Vanguard, here you go:

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Good news for me, bad news for my bank balance!

Thanks for the heads up, I don’t follow Vanguard, so had no idea it was already released. I do like the look of it, seems to be a golem of corpses stitched together. Reminds me of something the old Necrach vampires from WFB would make. Now, to track down some of those old models!

It doesn’t look " giant " more like ogre- sized.

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Iirc it is height 3 from the video (which is the new large infantry size) even though it is labeled as a monster.

That’s ogre sized isnt it? Large infantry. The new sizes are just 1 higher.

Yes. No more height zero. As far as I know.

I wonder how they buff ghouls? I love the models and the lore, but they seem pretty useless except for chaff.


Id like to see a slight buff on Ghouls, like Vicious. It fits their cannibilistic tendencies.


Exactly what I had in mind!

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I’d say these 4 units units are simple examples show there taking balance very seriously And that there is a course correction that will have a big effect on list building.

35pts cheaper
New access – Aura Vicious – Zombie
Banechant +5pts
Heal +5 pts
Drain life lost down to (5) from (6)
Mind fog, Hex removed
Mount up from 15pts to 25pts
No access to Aura Mounted.
(made foot necro cheaper, raised cost of spells and reduced drain and surge spells effects.)

Zombie Trolls
Up to 5+De from 4+De
Zombie Aura effect keyword
Nerve Down from -/15 to -/14 and -/18 to -/17
Horde points up from 175 to 190
LL down from 2 to 1
(Armor was too low but reduced Nerve to keep the points down.)

Points cheaper 70 pts from 90pts Regiment, 115 from 130 for Horde, 170 from 190 for legion
Keyword for Aura ( new mechanic)
De down to 2+ from 3+
( made them cheaper to balance points and gave them a new mechanic because Zombies arent doing what they’re supposed to )

Vampire Lord
Pts down to 165 from 220
Gained Mighty
Gained Duelist
Vampiric keyword
Spd down to 6 from 7
Att down to 7 from 8
Lost Surge 3 default spell
Drain life option down to 4 from 6
Lost Mind fog, weakness, heal and Hex
Mount cost up from 15 pts to 35 pts
(basically lost an attack and may buy surge )


I’d still give regular Orc/ Goblin Trolls the edge in value unless their points increase.
Vampire got cheaper. Still effective. We don’t know what Mighty or Duelist do yet.
I like the cheaper Zombies.

Zombies are a 2+ Defense? That doesn’t excite me at all, I’d rather keep the 20pts for my legion…