Unit base your old warhammer models ("multibase")

I usually do this the hard way. Clip off each models base, make a sanded and painted 100x40mm mdf base (for a troop of Infantry) and fasten each model with superglue and often brass rod pins as well.

This time I thought “lets do this easy”.
I glued the models to the mdf base in the desired formation. Then I glued small cork pieces to “block the exits” of the glue I would use in the next step. But first I let it dry overnight.

The next day I poured in a thin and controlled (ish) stream of glue from top down to fill the gaps between the model bases. Then I sprinkled some sand on it to create some texture. I will wait for it to dry and use some tiny amount of spackle in some areas on the edges where the gap between old plastic base and cork is very visible.

All glue used is simply pva glue.

Photos of result before spackle and paint:


I’ve done similar but being lazy I’ve used a mix of paint, PVA, and sand mixed to a thick porridge consistency and carefully run it through the gaps with a cocktail stick or carved lolly stick. Sometimes needs two layers if the bases are round as the gaps are bigger.

Quick dry brush and redoing the static grass and its done