Using cork?

Any tips on using cork for basing? I’m finding mine just looks like cork board painted grey.

Has anyone seen it used particularly well?

What aspect of the basing process are we talking about @MarkG?

Do you want height? Rip the cork board with your fingers and glue it onto the base. Paint on some texture around the sides with something like vallejo texture paint. Base the top to taste (see below).

I also ripped up some cork and used a greenstuff roller on the top for the ruins of my dragon base. I also textured the sides of these (eventually).

You can also rip up tiny little chunks for use as rubble next to a ruined wall. Not sure about using them for rocks though.


If you are on FB check this out - effective lava basing with cork tiles.

Note - no idea why link is showing in German, as it definitely isn’t!


be savage with it, crumble it, dig into it, make sure shapes are irregular


Also nobody told me that you need to seal it (with thinned down PVA I’m guessing) before painting!


I’m basically not doing enough to it, by the sounds of things. I was using it as an alternative to a bit of slate as it was lighter and easier to attach the model to. It’s the smooth, horizontal top that’s the main issue.

@MechaSturgeon I’m using it to add height to make minis look more imposing/stand out as characters - a plinth rather than the core of a more built up base.

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What thickness tiles have people had the most success with?

Depends on what you want to do with it. I use 1-1.5mm for sculpting on (like the elven ruins) and some super thick stuff I bought from the supermarket marketed as kitchenware for “platforms”.

I think you can get away with the thinner stuff in layers for everything. You can get a nice big sheet from hobby stores that roles up like a poster for storage.

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There are a fair few “rock & lava” type bases just done with broken IKEA cork place mats.

@Rusty_shackleford has a really distinctive ‘comic book’ paint style (which various people seem to copy :grinning:) but the basing works very well.

If you want something more “real” then buy the cork matting, but break it up a lot, stick it more randomly then maybe give it a coat of textured paint (wilkos do a couple for example), just to disguise things a bit.

I’ve not done an army in this style yet, but would probably do a halfway house vibe


Anytime I use cork for basing in paint over it with vajello ‘black lava’ textured paint


Love using cork. Was able to get cheap square sheets that i mess around with. Another essential item for this purpose is pumice gel- Utrecht Pumice tub will last you a LONG time.
Utrecht Pumice Stone gel


The pumice stone gel looks really interesting.

Nice units too!