V-Dawg's Kingdom of Men; It's simply the würst

Hello there.

I decided I might as well take some new pictures of everything I have at my disposal in my Human army. It has mostly been used as KoM, but lately they have taken the role as League of Rhordia.

Most of the models where paintes in 7th and 8th edition of Warhammer, and then made their way onto multibases when I opened my eyes to Kings of War (2nd edition).

The theme is something like a fantasy-holy-war and is actually a commentary towards the human flaw that is religion. Therefore it comes fully manned by fanatics and militia with lunatics. It also has knights with holy scriptures on their lances and a war altar that burns books (and a wizard) for power (banishment in Warhammer, but Rally 2 and ligntning bolts in Kings of War).

Anyway, here they are:


For me this unit is the one I like the most. These are a legion of Militia, carefully placed on 4 multibases so that they can be split up. There are some really nice personalities in there, and I like how the units are tied together both by the multibase, but also by the models (notice the 4 soldiers running next to each other, but also on 4 different bases).


Allways nice to see beautifull minis on Multibases. Especially old dogs of war (Leopold’s Leopardenkompanie in German), I am sure they serve you well :slightly_smiling_face:.


These are the foot guards and berserkers. The foot guards are both old and “new” gw greatswords, but also simply free company models, with greatswords and puffy sleeves made from greenstuff (Big thanks to my talented brother Lars (@epicdwarf ) who made them). The berserkers are flagellants but with (very) small alterations.


Very nice army Hot Dawg, oops I mean V dawg :sweat_smile:

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Then, the polearms. Next to the free company these spearmen might be my favorite GW-plastic humans. I have removed the spear-tip and added halberds so it’s a paradox that they have lately been played as spear-militia. They are marching in formation but are also apparently facing danger in the front. The ogres in puffy sleeves are bye the way a nice fit with both the foot guards and polearm and they where kindly sold to me by Fred (FredOslow) back in the day. Thanks Fred! Please don’t look to closely at the models as their shields have been ripped off to make them def 3 (put not painted again)


I have 3 regiments of pikes but they don’t see much use at the moment. They are different regiments and don’t fit in a horde. I just can’t make them work. Their cost is a bit too much Ithink.

Two of them are dogs of war from GW. The third is made of round empire-shields, some thin foil, goblin spears and 5 mantic-dwarfs. I was so simple and fast to make, AND gave me over 100 likes on twitter (Follow me if you like to see what I’m working on at the moment: Vidarius). I really like these units.


The most difficult (and fun) thing about multibasing these units was fitting them together using a road on their base.


Then there are som other units.

This is the War Altar. Its a base from an old screaming bell, books from different sources, a mordheim dude, and the panic-guy from the gw-giant-set

This is a wizard on pegasus. The rider is actually a mantic-model from Loka:

The rest of the heroes, and the knights:

And the Honour Guard:


All in all a fine crew of men, always ready to die when facing the greater races of Mantica (Stupid elves! (and the rest!))