Vampire heavy undead list

Hi all,

So I have been mulling over the idea of building a vampire heavy undead list for a while because vampires are bad ass.

However I am struggling to come up with anything good.

This is the list I am working off at the moment but feel that it is too elite and not enough drops. Any suggestions?

For thematic purposes I am only looking for vampire units and creatures associated with vampires, so ghouls, bats, hounds etc. No ghosts zombies or skeletons.
Thanks for looking.

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Yes, it’s complicated with those limitations. The only cheap unit you allow is ghouls, so it’s hard to get enough drops. It will be an elite army.

I think the undead dragon is to expensive for this list. And never like the werewolves regiments. I have been playing a little and came out with 2 list:

The first is more alpha strikey. Both Werewolves hordes and Soulreaver cavalry should go usually together with Ilona. Then both Soulreaver infantry behind the Ghouls and supported by the Vampire Lord. Two unit groups are very few for 2000 pts. Maybe you can move Ilona and Soulreaver Cav or one Werewolves horde away from the other two units, but losing inspiring. Or advancing a little slower and trying to give them inspiring with the Vampire Lord for the first turn (while giving it to the infantry too).

The second one have an alpha strike group formed by the Soulreaver cav, the Werevolves horde and Ilona. Then the Soulreaver infantry again behind Ghouls troops. Finally the Ghouls horde which could be buffed by the Standard Bearer’s Bane Chant, hitting very hard, and supported and protected a little if neccesary by the last two Ghouls troops.

I think if you want a vampire army, you need to use Ilona’s formation. It’s just to good now.

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Maybe you could use Kingdom of men allies as Strigoi, as in Dracula? It would solve your chaff shortage and still be thematic.

I played a similar style of very elite list once. The problem I found was that you have to turn every scenario into kill.

It was also quite intimidating when facing an orc army that stretched right across the board with my tiny compact force!


Thanks for the responses.

@Aeorys I like the first list you put down using a screen of ghouls. Thanks for the suggestion.

@KptKeno I am not a big fan of allies but will use them if needed but think ghouls and maybe death pack do the job.

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Yes, I’m not a big fan of allies myself and the Mantic ghouls are brilliant.


I am not sure if you plan to use this style list in tournaments at all but if you are going to do that be aware results tend to be catastrophic. While its certainly possible or even likely a player better than I am could medicate that. My personal results before switching to a less elite and surge heavy list in 3 tournaments, 13 total games were 11 max scoring games with one side completely dominant and 2 close games. I won 5 games 20 to 0 basically, lost 6 20 to 0, with a close loss, and a tie.

@bone mage no this purely a “for fun” thematic list that I am building for hobby purposes. My usual tournament army is ogres and I am looking at a competitive twilight kin list once version 3 drops.


jeah, a idea that bother me long time too. in my opion you sould tage Zombies (guys bitten but not transformt in a ghoul) wolfs and bats (creatures of the vamps) in to your rooster: this give you deadpac and zombieshords as units for more drops. (and good tarpits) without breaking the vamp-theme. leaving skeletons and ghosts for filthy necromancers…

If it’s a hobby army, you could run the Ghoul formation as well but model them up as freshly turned vampires.

in central european folklore, Vampires can shapeshift into wolves and bats, and take on the form of Mist.
so you should be able to use Werewolves, just depict them in ‘animal form’, while swarms of bats or patches of mist can be used for Wights and Wraiths to make them vampire themed.
and you can always represent Zombies as either less powerful vampires, or perhaps as hypnotized peasants? in some vampire mythology vampires do have the ability to control minds. perhaps mobs of farmers (complete with pitchforks and such) with a single vampire present and looking like it is commanding them.

the big thing about a theme in army building should be less “what units will i take” and more “how will i depict these on the table”.

Good ideas there! The Mantic Vampire from Dungeon Saga is very fitting for a vampire leading the way for some peasants or ghouls.

I was going to suggest something similar to @Aeorys’s second list, with the ghoul and soulreaver formations. In fact, besides giving the cav pathfinder instead of +1 Sp, I don’t have much to add to it :wink:

As far as vamps go, Ilona and the Vamp on Pegasus have given me far more trouble than any of the others. Ilona for obvious reasons (extreme maneuverability, high speed, one of the last 6+ De heroes, and a blender on top of all that), but the peg because it’s fast and hits like a truck in the flank, but doesn’t cost as much as the dragon or mega dragon, so I guess Undead players are more cavalier with it / more opt to march it for position since there’s no breath to worry about. It’s a consistent nightmare for my lists that tend to struggle to contain flyers.

Hi all.

Thanks for your comments. Just got back off holiday so have just gone through them.

I like the ideas to run different units while still fitting into the theme I want, especially wraithes as mist. However I want to stay away from massive hordes of zombies etc as I run a undead list with two hordes of zombies and horde of revenants so looking for something different.

Will probably wait till version 3 drops to finish off the list but will start building and painting ghouls in preparation

I’ve heard Deathpack are pretty good. It would fit your vampire theme.

I played around with an Underworld, Rise of the Lycans themed list for a while, but with 9 drops only, it was an intimidating list. I used soul reaver cav and infantry and 2 werewolf regiments, of course a vamp lord on dragon.


With a lack of shooting, that sounds like a list I would not feel comfortable with

Tom Annis posted a list yesterday that I will be building ASAP!

4 Ghoul troops
2 Soul Reaver infantry Reg
2 Reg SR Cav
3 mounted Vampire Lords and
Lady Ilona

It looked OK at first but seemed light on drops and US. The more I looked, the better the survivability looked. It’s not how many you start with. It’s who’s left at the end.

Its nasty, but counter able.

Drop heavy and horde heavy lists could hurt this.

Take the ghoul chaff units out ASAP and look to flank/isolate the others.

I can see it getting swarmed but the chaff should allow me the charge every time . I want to see what survives that initial contact.