VigoTheButch's Non-KOW Painting/Hobby Log: Getting It Done

I don’t want to end up as one of those old timers that has a literal mountain of bits and a legion of partially painted/assembled armies. So this pandemic I am committing to finishing armies and giving away what I know I’m never getting around to.

Here’s some progress photos of this effort.



Lovely goal! The risk of our hobby (in particular for those amongst us who have played for more than a few years and more than a few games) is that we end up with a huuuuge backlog.

The missus and me made an agreement quite a while ago: I own a large closet and a display cabinet. The total amount of miniatures can never exceed the space of said storage. Furthermore, the amount of unpainted miniatures cannot ever exceed the amount I had at one point when we made this agreement. This means that I have to finish or give away a regiment / mini before buying something new.

This agreement has worked quite well. The storage limitation has promted me to come with more ingenious storage options from time to time, but as it;s now I can keep armies stored well enough. (it’s two armies over over 10,000 points each and a handfull of smaller armies/other games). Eventually, I may have to sell/give away an army or two but when that’s the case, I have an army lined up that I don’t use anymore.

The painting limitation (first finish something, they buy something new) really prevents me from impulse-buying or kickstarting minis and also encourages me to finish started projects. Currently, I’m at 22 minis “room” for puchase. So I can buy a new regiment if it comes to fancy, but no more frenziend scrounging ebay unless I get rid or finish of the ebay puchase I made a year back.


I’d say you suffer from a severe plastic addiction!
Nice Plague force btw!

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That’s a great system! Right now, I am content to just store the minis in magnetized totes until someday I live in a house where I can display them all. Thankfully my wife is also a collector of things so she doesn’t look at me too crazy for amassing all of these things, lol.

I’ve been watching the backlog grow and grow over the years and am really trying to finish a playable list with a few options per faction, get it painted and get it stored. At the end of this year, I’m going to have a hard look around and purge the stuff that I don’t really care about.

Oh yeah, I’ve got it bad. The 3D printer has made it worse! Now I basically have minis on demand without that barrier of having to save up a ton of money for big projects. I already have several more project ideas just waiting for their turn in line.

The Plague are in a weird spot, I don’t really know what to do with them. I don’t care for the rules of Warpath/Firefight and I already have a Deadzone force painted for them. But I have way more than Deadzone would ever call for.

GrimDark Future has an army list for them so that’s probably where they are going. The Gen 3’s can also be Mutant Rabble in 40k Apocalypse for when I want to run my GCPS/Astra Militarum as Heretics.

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Just wait for the new edition of Firefight. Maybe you can put them to good use when they launch.

I’m not holding out hope for it. Read through the draft rules and it feels like they’re doubling down on my least favorite aspects of Mantic’s games. Hard pass unless it changes drastically.

Before you give them to charity, ask me, please!:wink:

LoL. Agreed, if I decide to part with them they’re all yours. :sunglasses:

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WHOA unexpected! I recognize the sculpts, and going to guess they’re for 40k, judging by the color and unit size? Unless you’ve gotten into Reign in Hell too and are also finding a use for the infinite demon sculpts you’ve amassed :wink:

Regardless, they look great!

EDIT: Actually the paint scheme sorta matches your Plague :thinking:

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Thanks! Yes, those are my new Chaos Spawn proxies for my narrative small-Apocalypse campaign. Haven’t had a look at Reign in Hell but I will probably give it a go at some point.

Yes, it shares a lot of colors with my Plague. They’ll both be fighting together at some point so I wanted some color harmony if I don’t just repaint everything that isn’t already finished.

This is my Deadzone collection which is done, but everything else is potentially open to a color scheme change.

12 Likes - I actually just received my book in the mail today! Plus a fresh batch of resin :fire:

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Awesome! I look forward to your review!

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I hear you on that one!

Your painting through the backlog looks to be coming on well. Keep up the good work!

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Got these close enough to play with last month but neglected to upload pics


Got an Acastus Asterius proxy finished tonight.


Must have missed this the first time I browsed through the category.

These are looking great! The canopies for the fliers are particularly striking.

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