Your next army

I know you’ve been planning something, you may or may not actually do it one day, but you have been thinking about it and might even have it all planned out.

Tell me about your next army.

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Halflings! Sod the alliance, Rhordia :wink:

Wargames Atlantic halflings and TTCombat pig riders, plus a whole bunch of already built, but unpainted, Fireforge sergeants. Got the mantic KS iron beast on the way at some point. [TT are also doing a skeleton halfling army, which has some great modeling/unit ideas]

I also want some skeletons & cavalry to turn the dark age Varangur into an undead list, while some extra viking style stuff will get it into a full on KoM army.

[Note - Armada will kick in first! The ships look great, EoD esp]



I’ve got the new Mega Army on order through ye olde FLGS, and I’ve got scenic multibases half done already!

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Purely Mantic Sylvan Kin.

I already got some models and converted Gladestalkers into Boskwraiths. Panther Lancers will be Wild Gur Panthers.
I might ally them with FoN Centauers.


Currently painting up my northern alliance but have already obtained some forces of the abyss


I do like the (new!) Mantic goblins and am of a mind to continue my army at one point in the future. But for the time now, it’s shelved as I do play my Basileans most of the time.

That said, I’ve always wanted to paint some wood elves, especially the warcancer models. During 2nd edition, I’ve almost ordered the first few models, even drew up a few Twilight Kin army lists. As for now, there’s so much to discover using my existing armies that a new army is beyond the horizon.

If I were to start a new project, it would probably be an order of the green lady, expanding my 2nd edition brotherhood army into a green lady list.


Must be something that I can use for demos, so orcs to go against my dwarfs is the obvious choice.

I miss playing abyssals though (let them go in the great GW purge). Could then get elves to fight the dwarfs in demo games and and also open up Twilight Kin as I already have night-stalkers.

I feel that night-stalkers and abyssals have rules that I wouldn’t want in a demo.

Alternatively, a human army (would love a dark age army) that I can use as one of the variety of human lists and also in historical is tempting. Might do that in 15mm though.

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i’d be tempted by the Free Dwarf army, but i’m put off by the cost of the metal models for badgers and berserkers. I’d be tempted to go Varangur or KoM so i can do a load of light cavalry and chariots, and maybe build them on a historic army theme of Celts/Picts


Well, after I finish my Nature army, and build+paint the Basileans that have been in a tote for two years, I’m looking at doing a Winged Hussars themed KOM army.

I’m currently expanding my Undead beyond 2k, getting these Ogres ready but they’ll need a lot to be a full army, got lots of Sylvan Kin that need a lot of work… and very slowly, my Basileans are happening.

That said, after those get further along, and I feel like it/it becomes possible, my next planned army is either Steampunk Kingdoms of Men using Frostgrave + Mechanicus (and some other) bits, or a nice monster mash Nightstalkers army.

Well, my Order of the Green Lady is currently progressing at the speed of a snail in a tar pit, so this is all in the far off future - but you’re right, I am planning the next army already:

Nietzschean dionysian Beastmen!

So this is very much an overly academic in-joke, but Nietzsche wrote a lot about the importance of unrestrained emotion, of letting go and abandoning all the trappings of civilisation, and he did so on the basis of Greek theatre and the god of theatre, wine, and irrationality, Dionysus. So that’s going to be the theme for my herd army.

Practically speaking, it’ll be lots of slight conversions to faun/satyr/centaur models to make them more Ancient Greek-looking, and to add wine goblets, music, in short, to throw a right fun party. Then I’ll base them in a ruined city or temple, and I’m looking into painting them as if it’s night and they’re doing all this by torchlight, but that might be a bit hard. On the other hand, I still have years to figure this out…


I have three armies I’d like to do someday after I finish my twilight kin. In order that I thought them up:

A cavalry heavy order of the green lady army using albion knights for the bulk and 3d printing flying mounts and beast of nature. Spring themed with bright colors and flowery lush bases.

A sylvan kin army with undead allies. Originally inspired a bit by the undying court of the eberron dnd setting this army has taken off a bit in my mind about a group of elves and a small forest that constantly have worked together to endure all the calamities of pannithor and in the process have become more attuned to decay and death as the forest has become more of a swamp. The leader of the forest spirits is a wiltfather that is more fungus than tree and uses his spores to enable the elves to resurrect all their fallen comrades (and enemies) from the various cataclysms in the form of skeletons (spearmen because elves). I’m actually hoping to start printing parts of this one so it might get a thread soon with more details, though wanna finish my TK first. I’m planning on using cometlord’s files mostly for the sylvan kin part and mantic’s skeletons.

Finally a halloween themed nightstalkers with goblin allies using raging heroes’ “Carnevil” 3D files and mantic’s scarecrows to bulk out/unlock. The goblin allies because of the amazing pumpkin riders and goblin launching cannon (I printed a scaled down version of the cannon (Their goblins are too big in my opinion, by at least 10%) as one of my first prints ever and am super happy with how it turned out.


I’m only partway through my Sylvan Kin army but next on the docket is a Nightstalker army centered around my Tzeentch Demons. Tzaangor Enlightened on discs for Soulflayers and Horrors for Scarecrows. There’s enough overlap between Tzeentch and NS that I’d like to have a mix of both models. Lots of tentacles and too many mouths!

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I’ve got plenty of work to do finishing up my quarantine Sylvan Herd (12 models + all the basing), my crabby Trident Realm (1 more BIG crab) and my Nurgle Abyssals redux (molochs + chroneas + tortured souls). BUT of course I’ve got another army brewing …

The plan is to 3D print a bug-dude Nightstalkers army using Comet Lord’s Undersands Empire release:


It’s inherently limited, given the 3 sculpts, but I prefer to build armies with restrictions, and have been wanting to spam Soulflayers since well before they had that name :wink:

I have almost everything I need for a Green Lady Army but I’m feeling the love for Abyssal Dwarves


current army to finish:
Dwarfs, stopped because not sure if I should go Imperial or Free Dwarfs (build more units for Imperial, yet fluff/theme and rules say free dwarfs), models from AoW and MoM

after that I have models for the following:

-all Mantic Elves (Southern Kin)

-Ratkin (old Island of Blood models and 2nd hand war machines, waiting for the KoW Ratkin Army Box)

-Rhordia, Empire was my first Warhammer Army, enough old models from GW, some Perry Miniature stuff as well as Basilean Knights, some Wolves

-All Elemetal FoN army using converted Stormcasts (for the “painted on a weekend” challenge)


Still growing my Undead to 2000pt. Sylvan Kin are there and so are some Ratkin.

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Have undead, goblin and elf forces well in progress over the last year and a half. Still lots to add but can easily make 2000 points with each.

Want to get going soon on a dwarf and human force. Also very tempted to have at least a major auxiliary force of Halflings.

Got some Oathmark dwarves already. And will be going Perry for the humans.


Well the rhordia army mentioned in one if the early posts has still to be touched, and haven’t got round to the undead spin off force. Ronnie has made ‘be patience’ comments about halflings, so will probably hang fire on those for a while longer.

Did build a FoN army (fauns to finish), and did get slightly carried away with Armada (orc, Basilean, KoM and a converted Abyssals fleet so far!).

Currently rebasing my original KoM army and will add a few extra units, plus have got a load of Fireforge knights for an OotGL force.


I just finished 3D printing an army … of Frostbound ice things, not bugs :cold_face: Still need to base my Quarantine Herd army, finish one big crab for my Trident Realm and redux my Abyssals before I put any paint to them tho.