Cam's Greenskins

I have a few of my models in different places in the showcase. Mounted Gobbo Army
Kingdoms of Men
Rebasing my Orcs for KoW
So I though I would find a regular home for my greenskins here:

Here are my reworked trolls. I did post these guys on their individual bases here: Original Trolls in individual bases
They have since had an upgrade to Regiment bases.


I really like these guys but I rarely, if ever, use them in games.


they look great, I’m a big fan of trolls in my goblin list, especially when one of them are covered in high explosive martyr vests.
Can I also say those are some terrific photos, did you take them outside or does all the natural light get filtered into your room :slight_smile:

Thanks, I took them outside. While I have the luxury of a permanent play space, it is in a shed. No natural light gets in there so I took them outside for a photo.

I love the idea of the DetPacks! I’m sure I’ll have a go at modelling these in the near future.

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