Mounted goblin army

I had an all mounted goblin wolf rider army that I put together for Warhammer. I was using this list in the Australian GW tournament scene quite successfully. I put them away when I started playing KoW. I have decided to get them out again for a game on Sunday. Thought I’d share.



very nice. i’ve a good few spider riders and a regiment of wolf riders from Warhammer days myself

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Amazing theme and a great looking army. But does it play ok?

Awesome! That force is really impressive with a great cohesive look to it :slight_smile:

Sniffs are not a bad option for mounted archers, but my Fleabag rider horde is a must have in my own list, preferably with some magic item for Strider or Pathfinder and my King on Chariot for Inspiring. However, i also have plenty of foot sloggers to unlock

Nice. Don’t have a goblin army and always fancied a predominantly mounted one.

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I really like these. There’s something about hordes of goblins charging across the battlefield that makes you forget that anything else matters.


what does the list look like?

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I’ll let you know after Sunday. I am putting together my next video battle report. It will be tricky to play well.


3x sniff regiments
3x fleabags regiments
3x mounted wiz with banechant
2x mounted kings
2x big rock throwers (doom divers- scouting theme)
Chariot legion
Chariot horde
Winggit + eye in the sky

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I have another horde plus another regiment of spider riders (fleabags). They didn’t make this list due to points Restraint. I like the fleabags horde. It definitely needs the magic item support though as the footprint is so large.


Very nice

Looking forwards to that bat-rep. :grinning:

Nicely done. I created an all goblin mounted army over covid. I like the army and how it works too.

Some absolute classic minis in there. Do love how in a wolf rider Goblin army, the mount is usually more deadlier than the rider :rofl: