Frozen tundra with big blue bully project

I got this wild idea to break into Goblins after Masters2019 v2. I wanted to use my Gargantuan Glacial troll to lead them. Big bully with his two pet Slashers. Gulivers travels kinda thing.

Had lots of fun playing with the colossal giant so I started painting it up. Here is that project. I wanted the army to be competitive as well as appealing to look at. I hope you like it.


I really enjoy Warmahordes minis in KOW, and colossal giant rules make the gargantuan trolls fit a little better in-game. Curious to see how the magmadroths paint up, guessing icy blue like everything else? Never seen them in such a cool color, will be neat. Also! Awesome basing already.

I used the Magmadroths as the Kings pets. I thought it was a great thematic idea. I didnt have the success with them since 3 75mm bases took up more space and they were significantly easy to obstruct. Being a Dust player I found myself not “brawling” as well as I could so I took them out. I started paiting them. They are a lich purple color currently.
I don’t expect the pts costs, shooting abilities are effectiveness to change for the “salsher”. There is a nice new tasty model for the slasher coming down the pipe. I might add Giant Crossbows to mine. I had some Stormcast Balistas I could use.

Here you go. This guy stopped here back in April. I had two of them. As you can see he is very jammed up. My opponent had a numbe of flyers so I was trying to protect my hammers. I basically use 3 smaller Giants now instead of the King and his pets ( colossal and Slashers ) but when V3 comes out the will be back.

Thanks the the reply!


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Unit upgrade!

Added a mammoth like monster as a chariot Horde.


Dope. I love the ice effect.

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