Rebased - Nightstalker update - Hunting evil Northern Alliance 🐉

Last weekend I broke out the hobby factory and punched out my updated “new” Nightstalker army. Well, it was a refit of one I had back in Jan prior to Masters. I created this because I loved the Green necro-ghost look. I didnt get the results I really wanted, so I decided to take EoD to Masters instead, but that was a different project.

Here was a pre-Masters test game I did - I was a bit short on time to get the army built and do testing, So I went back to my EoD Army since I knew how to play that and tried to keep the a similar theme.

JAN 2019

This was the start, but I can do beter than this…

Here is what I turned up with at Masters.

I got lots of questions about it and since Ive sen a number of ghost armies. Thats cool!
But I only pulled the Night stalkers out a few times since, I do have a number of projects I started Since Masters. Big events are very inspiring.

Cyrstal Song Forest: Crystalsong forest - Nature project - Mike Grant
Frostmoon Goblins : Frozen tundra with big blue bully project
Demigod Ogres: Mythical Demigod - Ogre army project
And about 5 others…

So its about time to pull that original Nightstalker project back out. Lets start with the idea! Saw this at a local game store - I was like… thats cool. Look at the clocklike runes and the ghost are defending it. Then I saw David Griffin’s Undead, I was like ! I can do that!

So I picked up a greenstuff world texture roller and started knocking it out this saturday and got almost done by sunday night. I have a factory mindset of doing it all at one time.

I’ll let some pictures do the talking.

In the afternoon on Sunday I started adding the models and working on the green mist at the models feet. That is taking some time, so I couldnt finish that,

…but I did also make time to start this guy - still need more time for the paint, he is my Terror.


Another great army project, and a salvage job at that, my favorite :wink: I also love that acrylic bases are becoming a thing, bless you and that one dude who posted the abyssals or whatever on orange acrylic for helping legitimize acrylic for KOW. I also really appreciate that this army isn’t entirely glowy green, IMO that look tends to fall a bit flat, prefer having some more substantial colors for the green to contrast against, like your cloaked phantoms (?) and boney armored terror.

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absolutely! Thanks for the nice comments! much appreicated.

Testors makes a flurescent green color for airbrush paint.

I did something different here, the Phantoms are at the top Left in Horde formation. I did Butchers using the Grimghast Reapers for example. Different take. I hope it looks intuitive on the field. The size felt right and the big weapons seemed to fit. I might replace all the swords with Scythes … like grim reapers.

Anthony Leslie… His stuff is amazing. Can’t give him enough props.
He does commision work too. But we spoke about a few projects and obviously his stuff looks great in pictures, in displays, and in person. Got a chance to play against one of his armies recently too. Tip top. And a great sportsman and player!

Here is some of his stuff.


The Bone creature is a combination of a number models.

Pricy kit bash, but interesting.

I hadn’t seen the Stormies before, another great basing example. Y’all have me wondering at what point I give the same a shot, but I don’t know if it’s in the cards for me, with such an extreme backlog of MDF trays already :confused:

Impressive collection of kits in that terror :cold_sweat:

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Nice army! I really like your projects, so full of character, sometimes quite unconventional. I also like the acrylic bases of the Abyssals by Anthony Leslie. So keep your models coming, very inspiring.

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I got to say though, this is no political forum. It is an international forum about KoW and other miniature games by and for a great community. I don´t think it´s the right place to celebrate an american, or any other, veterans day. That said, I am by no means a moderator or otherwise in charge here, not even a bit.

Dass Sie Deutscher bist, kann ich verstehn. Vek gemacht.

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I changed that. It sounded a bit anti-american before, which wasn´t my intention .

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@MikeGrant Thanks. I didn’t want to offend in any way. But I don’t think I have to explain, your comment pretty much nailed it :wink:

I just noticed the acrylic bases you used! A really nice touch!

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