Mythical Demigod - Ogre army project

This project was triggered by some awesome grassland models I saw on FB. Since then, Tim, for example posted his awesome Stormcast Ogres on this forum which look great, which got me the idea to do an Orge army. From the ogres lair...Stormcast ogres
So I got some really affordable models on ebay – More than what I can play with for sure. And the basic maybe cost me 40 bucks and everything would be reusable for many more armies. I could do about 3-4 armies for sure. So the investment in the terrain materials was marginal.

I think im still under 200 bucks and I decided to go with a few more “Rider” type models because I wanted to have a running over the grassland “Rohan” theme. Now Im not going with that color pallet, but I knew I wanted big mounts running over grassland. I spent about 100 more on a few special models like the Drake rider and another unit of mounts. Might be 300 bucks in so I think this is really a super affordable army.

So I finished the bases like in the “affordable bases” post I did and then I started assembling. Here I am today about 2 weeks after starting.

Two Giants are still WiP, so they aren’t in these images. so I’ll update how the army progresses.


Really nice bases that don’t seem too hard to build - sculpted cork, some sand, couple grey paints, flock for days. Dig the more Vanguard Stormcast army comp, but it’s very much still playing to the Ogres’ current strengths, or at least COK18 back when Hell on Wheels got everybody to make 2x chariot regiments + chariot boss :wink:

I love a good Counts As, even when its Stormies in Panithor, so keep it up!

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True that. why make a formation when it isn’t useful right?

So I have my first Giant.

I’ll get him on a 50mm somehow. :rofl:

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