KoW in 2024

The releases that affect next year are coming and being announced!

Mantic have announced Clash of Kings 2024.

It’s focussed on the new Twilight Kin, which will be shipping out soon, but also has balance updates for almost all armies.
Forces of the Abyss and Trident Realm only have minor changes though, because they are due an “army refresh” later in the year (as Northern Alliance and Nightstalkers in 2023), including new miniatures.

Rumour has it that there will also be a new army release toward the end of next year (like the Twilight Kin this year).

What do you predict or hope to see for KoW in 2024?


Hoping dwarves get a refresh, given how the sculps have improved since their release and how good the Vanguard models are I’d love to see how they would look.

Hardly new but I’d love to see them try their hand on making models for one, or both, of the Brotherhood successors.


With regards to a new army, the one nation that has had quite a decent amount of back story in KoW without being directly being covered is the Ophidians - which would give a mantic IP human force along with some updated undead & other weird things.


Plastic riverguard and dambusters for trident is something I was waiting for for a long time.


I am excited for plastic Riverguard for my Sylvan Kin for sure! Hell, I’m excited about the possibility of a full Sylvan Kin revamp, wouldn’t that be fun? I don’t think that’s happening in 2024 mind you, but a girl can dream… and I’ll be around for a good few more years.

Ophidians would be super cool to see, maybe they could take Jarvis. Maybe they should take Jarvis and bury him? Just for fun, as a joke, he’ll be fine right? Right!


That would be fun to see.
I suspect, based solely on what seems sensible to me, that armies like Sylvan Kin (i.e. theme armies that bring two lists together) will benefit from those list being redone, rather than getting their own release.

I’m wondering if Plastic Placoderm aren’t more likely than plastic riverguard, although both would be good

Ophidians would be interesting for sure. I’m always interested in more varied humans.

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Yeah - covered quite a lot in both KoW and Armada background, so plenty to work with.

It also means they aren’t just bring out a breton/empire type european range. Potential ties (model style wise) with EoD for some of the undead they use etc

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I would really like some plastic placos, those placos they made for League were great!

But Ronnie somewhere dropped that March will be the month of the Frog, hence why everyone is expecting plastic frogs


ta, I missed that Ronnie nugget he does get around these days.

Definitely disappointed if the opportunity is missed to actually produce Placos finally,

For the general “new army” speculation:

Possibilities are a re-work of an old one, Dwarfs, Elves, Orcs, adding one that does not have models at all, Herd, or something new, Ophidia

For Trident, we are going to see Frogs, one way or another but like with NA and NS, I expect new units as well (double kits) and get complete armies without missing units
So might be that Placoderm get a similar treatment as NA Huscarls or become an STL only unit

We do have Ophidians… At least backbone of the army lol

Riverguard will be plastic AND get more attractive rules so a Perfect combination.


Seeing as they are called ‘Ophidians’ is there a possibility that the army will have any snake or reptile type units like snakemen or Crocodile monsters or something?

Well the Salamanders are certainly nearby and traded back in the day (taken from Armada book)


First few CoK teasers - from Mantic Universe podcast.

Gladestalker US down,
GAE attacks down,
Scorchwing price up,
Pot shot gone,
Alchemists curse price up,
Boots of levitation infantry only
Some war machines can score but at US 0.
Push changed so a unit can only carry 1 loot.


Thanks for sharing.
It takes me a while to get through those podcasts!

I wonder if potshot is being replaced with anything?
Like going back to reload.

It could also see KoW becoming more premissive with regard to moving and shooting, i.e. bow type weapons getting steady aim, leaving the normal penalty only for units that have potshot now.
It seems to be frustration that gets complained about.

It would definitely make ironwatch more appealing.

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With regards to infantry shooting, you have:

The specialist ra4+, steady aim, sometimes piercing/elite lot - which get taken a lot across armies with access

The basic bowmen type who are cheap but not overly dangerous - if they unlock they might get dumped on the field.

Last (by a long way) were the static shooters - a range of common archetype units from fantasy games that never got played. They’ll still be on 6s on the move, but at least without halving attacks as well!

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From a Mantic FB post: The Mantic Companion list builder will be updated on November 13th (to match the expected on-shelf date at retail).

The book is released on 6th November