Regnum Aeternum - Written Battle Reports for KoW 3rd Edition

Thank you @DarkBlack!

On magic artefacts; I use physical reminders.

I think this will need to be the way for me. I know a few folks that run flash cards for stats and/or the items, and some that use the official item cards, but I don’t like the glare and look on the table of cards for the reports. I did up a few Indomitable Will tokens, and have a few unpainted tokens for Sacrificial Imps… and think I just need to make the jump to having some generic tokens to lug around to help me out. I think that’s good advice. Thanks!

Having chariots in a forest faction is a bit silly, really.

You know, I think that’s probably the root of my gripes. The Stampede from 2nd fit the fluff with just a throng of beasties, and the Chariots in 3rd fit that footprint, but not the fluff. I think the other part is that we had these buffs at one point, at least for Strider, so not having it anymore is a bummer when you look at the changes to the unit over time. Good points for sure though, and I think the root here is that the chariot unit just shouldn’t be here. The nature-adjacent faction should have beasts and not contraptions.

Also note, you don’t need to withdraw to leave combat.

I think you were posting this about the time I found out about it in a tournament. My mind is definitely blown here. I thought the withdraw was mandatory, and the price you paid for disentangling and charging a new unit. It bit of a bummer to be playing a rule wrong, but at least I have been doubly corrected. Thanks!

The Centaurs had some stumbles, but were definitely fun to explore in the Herd games. I’m finishing up some new reports and still gathering my thoughts on the Striders, but hope to get them and the Herd back on the table again soon and see what else I can learn.

And yeah, lots of hordes with the Kingdoms of Men was a neat way to play! I still haven’t faced off against our local orc player, but that might be a good playstyle to run against him for maximum silliness and learning potential.

As always, thanks for your insight! I appreciate all of your feedback. We just finished up a doubles tournament this last weekend, so I’ll have more games for you to dissect shortly!


I have a plastic box with compartments that’s a bit bigger that one I would have for wavering tokens, damage counters and objectives anyway.
Crafting dodads was fun; I raided my bits box, went to a haberdashery (a shop that sells sewing supplies) for beads and the like (craft stores should work too) and made a load of books and scrolls.

No argument from me.
With the “bullgor” style minotaurs that are common these days I think that Sp 7 with TC could just be minotaurs.


We just had the first interstate doubles tournament between Minnesota and Wisconsin this last weekend. We were paired-up with someone across the state line, each brought 1000 points and made a day of it!

Pairings were announced ahead of time so we could scheme… and my partner and I decided to double up on the Abyssals, though did hit some complications. We had quite different approaches to the game and even to the army, but we had a great time and did pretty well! I have three battle reports for you all:

Game 1, Battle 071 Against Abyssal Dwarfs and Ogres in Control

Game 2, Battle 072 Against @Cartwright’s Northern Alliance and some more Ogres in Invade

Game 3, Battle 073 Against Abyssal Dwarfs and Ratkin in Kill

Alignment didn’t matter for pairings, and we had a pretty good variety of armies. My partner went for kitted Succubi, and the Manifestation of Ba’el, and I went for the Chroneas and Tortured Soul spam: two very different approaches to the playing army.

  • Tortured Souls are still fun to use, and Fearless really helped since I gambled and only brought one source of Inspiring. The Horde was a good unlock for me and my needs, but seems underwhelming overall.
  • The Chroneas is still a really fun monster. It lucked out a bit, but managed to not only do work but survive in each game. Lots of fun!
  • Drain Life has Piercing 1! I missed that and struggled to get use out of the spell all day.
  • The Manifestation and Zaz the Betrayer are good if you can run them together and focus their fire. Zaz repeatedly betraying your main anvil is probably not the best tactical call though.
  • My partner preferred very expensive Succubi regiments, with both the Lurker (for Pathfinder) and magic items to help them out. They admittedly did do some work, but that seemed like a gamble and I’m still split on whether they are good picks or not, since they are such big investments.

We had a 15/10/5 scoring arrangement for the scenarios plus up to 5 bonus points per game for attrition. This was my first real event with rankings and there was lots to learn from and to think about. I had a great time, and we had quite the surprising finish!


Good game!

You had a good plan an it worked! Ogres are dangerous, good job on keeping then boxed in and busy.

On the herd list; I can see the appeal of the longhorns as a battle line, De 5+ and all rallying each other plus the flexibility of 3 regiments (like in my dwarf list).
Looks like a strong backbone, but it needs punch to back it up (read: guardian brutes), which in the context of a doubles list means that it’s relying on having a punchy ally to support.

I agree with your assessment though.
How strong of a line do you need? I think The Herd does better by skimping on defensive units and leaning into an aggressive punch.


Maybe I am being loose with my terms. The gist is that I would agree with this sentiment. The Herd needs to be aggressive.

I think these units are what he has painted up right now, and I think that I “got” the list and played it largely how he intended it to be played. I just don’t think Longhorn spam is a good way to play the Herd. It’s an expensive and defensive approach, and the Herd doesn’t play well on defense in my experience.


This game certainly showed how ensnare and regen work.
Hard fought and close.

I’m also not sure on your ally’s list design.
That’s a lot of points invested in making stuff better.
Succubi have a lot of attacks, making improving them potentially efficient and effective.
I think pathfinder is great for them, lets them be effective while using terrain to mitigate thier fragility.
I think that bane chant and maybe another unit would get a simliar, but more versatile result than all the expensive artefacts though.
I would also rather take a sacrificial imp than an offensive artefact on the lower abyssals.


Thanks for the write up!
I do miss having doubles events, they’re fun and a great way to help new players into the game.

Well done on second place!

The last game showed the wound revovery abyssals can pull off nicely and that game made me miss playing abyssals.

It’s a pity your drain life wasn’t as effective as it should be. It’s a deceptively good spell because it swings the combat by also healing your unit, putting your opponent further from breaking your unit as well as puting you closer.

I like drain life for warlocks on paper.
There is no cover penalty, they can cast it over infantry better than other spells and it leans into the damage recovery abyssals already do.
-Warlocks came into the list after I stopped playing abyssals though.
I once had a regiment of abyssal horsemen backed by a warlock with drain life grind out a steel behemoth.

Speaking of wound recovery, chroneas impressed in these reports.


Thank you! We went far further than either of us thought we would go, and overall, this was a great introductory event.

Yeah… I would have liked to have workshopped our lists a bit more, but we just didn’t seem to have the time to coordinate effectively, so I encouraged him to run what he was comfortable with. My partner and I had very different approaches to the army and the game. Things went in our favor, but there were definitely some inefficiencies

Parts of his list made sense to me, but the Succubi are still confusing. I kinda want to crack them and figure out how to run them, but am also hoping that they just get a more straightforward overhaul with the update. They are weird, since you are paying for a bunch of slightly incongruous rules and stats…

They have a ton of attacks, so it seems rational to want to boost those, but my partner’s approach seems like an over-investment, and I think most 200-point units would perform similarly. Thinking on it over the last week, similar to how I was incorrectly viewing the Herd’s Hydra through an offensive lens, I think the same might be true with the Succubi and their Lurker upgrade.

I think if you take the upgrade, you should be using them more as an anvil unit, using Pathfinder not for charges, but primarily for the uninterrupted movement to get into terrain more quickly. This still doesn’t seem great though, as a Def3 anvil seems silly, and so little in the list has Strider/Pathfinder, that you’ll have a hard time effectively saving them if something does charge in. With the upgrade, this feels like a weird use of 170 points. After the tournament, I pulled out some old purchases and should have some more Succubi regiments of my own ready soon. More thoughts to come here, and we’ll race the refresh a bit.

Warlocks were still quite nice, despite my goofs with Drain Life. Even just Height 3 was nice, and I will be exploring these more I think.

The Chroneas was definitely an all-star for me, and played very nicely with all of the Fearless units I had. The list worked well in Games 1 and 3, but unfortunately couldn’t catch many breaks in Game 2!

Overall, this was still a very nice introduction to tournament play and that kind of thinking. I don’t know when I’ll get to play in a tournament next, but I’m into it. The only bummer is that this result is going to be hard to beat!


That was the plan! Ice Naiads to tank charges, then generate it back and let other units do the killing. When it works, it’s nasty.