Remy77077's Goblins (& Orcs!)

Well this is a showcase of what will end up being my KoW army or maybe armies…


Please check out the long post at my blogsite if you want to know much, MUCH more about the history and future (in KoW) for my army, and see many more photos too :smiley:

There’s a Kings of War focused part in the last third of the post too, so if you don’t care for the Oldhammer nostalgia or other games, I suggest you just look at the photos and skip to that part to read! :wink:
Here’s a few quotes to whet your appetite for reading my babbling…

“Despite the ally options, the points and unit selection limitations of the ally rules are pretty harsh on my attempts to map this army to Kings of War really as it’s almost a 50:50 split of greenskin types which is just how I enjoyed playing them”

“So the Goblin infantry is pretty much sorted by some blocks of Rabble, Sharpsticks, and Spitters in KoW, and as for the Goblin Mad Gits, it’s not a perfect match, but they should work pretty nicely as a Luggit Gang I think.”

“How to decide what size of blocks to run for KoW is also a bit of a mystery to me currently, so I just took a few differently sized units for the sake of it. I could easily reconfigure lots of them of course simply by breaking them up into smaller blocks or combining into larger ones”


Goblins love hordes. Goblins are dirt cheap and don’t fight as well so the increased attacks/nerve for hordes is a godsend. Moreover, the increased unlocks (three of the following: titan, war machine, monster and character) is pretty much mandatory as Goblins have so much nice toys to play with. Fleabags excepted, for the reasons you mentioned.

Orcs also love hordes, but as they are soooo huge, they generally take fewer hordes than Goblins. Also, orc regiments are strong enough on their own and the moreax regiment is a powerfull hitter.

As for war machines, I wouldn’t care which crewmen join a war machine in a goblin/orc allied army as a) the statistics are the same and b) orcs don’t have war machines. So it’s pretty self-explaning that any war machines are from the goblin list.


Thanks for the tips Vince! That all makes sense! :slight_smile:

I actually have way more stuff that “unlocks” in KoW than things I need to unlock anyway right now, so that’s not a consideration for me yet :slight_smile:

& yeah for the crewmen thing, that’s more for personal aesthetics than any real rules reason!

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Then you’ll be needing all those fun gimicks for the Goblin army list! while other armies are all about slash-em with your guys (orcs do that), goblins really want those war machines, titans and monsters to support the battle line!

As for my petite goblin army, I’ve got more fun stuff than unlocks! If I want to continue the army again (might do in the future, but I am now doing a basilean phoenix and after that more humies) but for the goblz, I really need more regiments and hordes!

Counter charge has a nice Goblin army review for 3rd edition:

As for my gut feeling, I think you’d want mincers, war machines (of all kinds, giants, blasters and kings on chariots. But that’s my gut feeling…

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Yeah I’ve been following your blog too for some time :smiley: Thanks again for the photos of the Mincer as they were really helpful when I was doing that model. You do quite the wide array of stuff! Tbf (as you may recall!) I have my small Human force done too and I plan to upgrade that so it’s a lot more interesting for a small KoW demo game as well.

Your gut feelings aren’t too far off mine! Spoilers for what you’ll be seeing here eventually then… but I’ve already got some Giants planned (awaiting a Kickstarter delivery later this year), and I will definitely be doing more Chariots and more large monster types too, but I need to check base sizes and what will work as Slashers well for KoW.

I definitely want some more Mincers. I am still thinking about what models I want to use for that. I do like the Mantic one but I will need to convert further ones much more to make them look a bit more varied (but that should be fun too ofc!), but I am also tempted by some other possible options. I’m also quite keen on making all my Goblins for KoW fully Cave Goblin themed eventually rather than my current multi-tribe gathering setup… but that will be a long way off as that’s going to be a lot more minis to get and paint ofc! (& it’s much tougher for war machines and things, but I have some ideas…)

Goblin Blasters seem like a good idea on paper for an army list, but I must admit I’m not too sure about what to use for them as models right now. I’m not too keen on the look of Mantic model personally, it looks like it’s just re-using parts from the Mincer and doesn’t look very interesting or “Gobliny” at all. The fact they don’t even list it under their Goblin models on their website says it all really!

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Yeah, that’s what you get when you do wargaming for too long. It all started back in the early 2000’s… My two main armies are humies (formerly Warhammer Empire) and undead (formerly Vampire counts) but sometimes I just want to do something new.

Back in 2017, my army project was the Abyssal army featured on my blog. In 2018 a friend gave me a Goblin mega army, so I built part of it as I always wanted one done.

But time and time again, I return to my first love, the army of Topaz, situated on an island in the infant sea on Mantica. (formerly Averland Empire)

Very true.

I still am of a mind to create a diorama of a goblin pushing a wheelbarrow (or rowboat in my swampy army) with barrels of blackpowder to use as the blaster. Just greenstuff a lit fuse sneaking all over the model, creating the idea of a ramshackle contraption ready to explode at any time.

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Hi Vince, hi Remy,

Despite being a long-time human army builder, I still have a wish to build a night goblin themed army. I also think the Mantic blaster models don’t quite fit the goblin theme, so I started looking for alternatives. Remember the orc blowing up Helm’s Dyke in LOTR? I’m considering a diorama on a 50 x 100 base of goblin with a barrel of gunpowder strapped to his back, carrying a torch and being shielded by 3 or 4 other goblins carrying large shields, rather like running backs blocking in American football.

On the same theme, how about using the GW goblin fanatics as an alternative to mawpups for markers for the unit upgrades?

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Sounds like some very good ideas there :smiley: Good to see another Goblin player!

Also a good idea! I thought about that as well. As I’ve not played any proper games yet I wasn’t sure how much use I’d really get out of them for that. But I definitely might do that one day :slight_smile:

this is a really good idea! I might have to steal it!
Also, your reply made me realise that the blaster is on a 100x50 base (chariot) instead of 50x50. This creates a lot more room for diorama.

For my war machines I found the limit of 50x50 a little on the small size.

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Yeah the Blaster base gives quite a lot more options to play around with.

Likewise! I was surprised it’s so small in KoW, But I guess they wanted a “standard” that fit the smallest Mantic models. But given the rules in the book for excess sized War Engine bases even gets a special diagram though, it seems they anticipate that will happen a fair bit.

Y ou’re welcome Vince. I’d love to see a photo when you’ve finished it.

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Hehe, it’s gonna go on my to-do list. :slight_smile: Also have that phoenix left to finish.

Gobz don’t have priority at this moment. The (dis)advantage of having multiple armies…

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New additions!


For Monster March! :slight_smile: For KoW this guy isn’t too much use on his own, a Troll Bruiser maybe. But once he gets some friends later there is quite a bit he could be good for.

Another Sharpstick Thrower

Alternative Fleabag Riders

And a few random Orcs :slight_smile: