Should I multibase?

Hello, all!

So I am torn between having my models individually based and having them be multi-based. I prefer to how the game plays and looks with multibases. However, the versatility of having each model on their own allows me to play other games.

What have any of you decided? What do you prefer?

Help me be decisive!

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I long decided that I like the game so much that at least one army of mine needed to get the full multibase treatment. :grin: But you don’t need to do it on all your armies. :wink:


Seems like I need at least one army multibased. Should work out.

How many of the models do you need for other games? I’ve been experimenting with have 10 or so models removable and the rest part of the multibase to play other games with. (Bonus, I mount then on magnetized base inserts so I can swap bases for different skirmish systems as well)

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i really enjoy multibasing. They add an extra quality to a unit of models, give them a general army theme, and are far quicker to set up for a game. i’ll be set up while my opponent is still putting thier models onto trays or picking up and glueing back together ones that spilled off and hit the deck.
I suppose it all depends on how often you play other games, and the needs of those games .

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Other games? Don’t be silly! :smile:
Seriously, multibasing is a lot of fun and the only reason why I painted so many models for KoW. I think Fred’s advice is good, do it for one army and keep the others. Although I bet they will end up on multibases too, because it’s such a helpful thing during games.

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I don’t see myself prying apart what I have already painted/based.

I’m guessing multibasing is the way to go! My biggest thing is what you described @Nav – I hate transporting and rebuilding my models.

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I did that with my Northern Alliance army… i ended up doing it for my goblins and Orcs too. i still have some orc models as individuals, but their days are numbered

Multibasing has given me more of a kick, hobby-wise, than anything else. It gives you complete free rein to do lots ifv stuff with units - mini dioramas, extravagant scenery etc.

Working currently on multi based army number 8(?) - 2 of which were wfb ones originally.

There are plenty of companies that do sabot/cutout bases which you could use - depending on what the other game(s) would be.

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Multibasing all the way!

see here on how and why:

And yes, I’ve played 9th age with multibased models. Just keep track of wounds as you would do with KoW instead of removing models.

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No, it locks your models into a single system. Honestly limiting yourself to play one game system is I think a bad move.

What if you move location and no one there likes KoW, or your gaming group/area choose to play a different game? We live in a great time for fantasy game systems, there are loads out there that each offer their own appeal. All my armies are single models so I can sample these systems without having to buy a new force.

I understand that a lot of people here are advocates of multibasing, and I think I am in the minority, so I don’t think you’ll hear many other opinions other than support for multibasing.

Yes, multibasing allows for dioramas, but sometimes it gets a bit silly. Units of human sized infantry mounted on pieces of base decoration that is about 6". Just ruins the emersion and can result in people thinking that they can’t see over the unit, where in fact in the rules they could.


There was some good pros and cons of multibasing here Rebasing my GW Orcs for KoW

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As Stonehorse said, it depends on many factors. Will you use them for other games, and then there is storage and transportation issues. Too may variables to give straight answer. I usually only use multibasing when I am short with money to buy more models.

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It’s so much easier to pack / unpack multibased armies, and really satisfying just zipping around big multibased units instead of finagling trays or having models slide around on hills or come unmagnetized if you’ve gone that route. My WHFB legacy army is still un-multibased for FMC reasons (I want it to be a full model count army, and personally I think FMC looks better when it recreates the ‘mass of single miniatures’ look, including individual bases, while multibasing works better with 75% PMC to allow for basing elements to be visible) but I much prefer the feel of my later, multibased KOW-centric armies.

I want to say something about what are these other games that people are expecting to maybe one day play? But I can dig Morofang’s comment that preparing for a skirmish version of some of your units could be a good - if labor intensive - middle step. It’s statistically much more likely that you’d end up playing a skirmish game in the grim darkness of the wargaming market than you would another RNF game … though even then most skirmish games I’m seeing are round based :upside_down_face:


Well, who knows? I did not expect whfb to disappear or 40k to became so prohibitively expensive. I never thought to have 4 armies for Mantic Firefight or that my Flames of War armies will collect dust in a drawer…I bought Blood Bowl 3rd edition, played once with a friend who then said he prefer playing on computer and now collects dust on cupboard…sure, I would multibase all of my armies if I could find dedicated KoW hobbyist like myself. But till then, single bases are good enough for me.


@ThaneBobo. I know what you mean. i’m currently converting a lot of my40k orks into KoW to bolster my 2nd army of Orcs, and have 2 bloodbowl teams Norse and Orcs collecting dust for lack of use. I started building my Northern Alliance this year ( Thanks to Stonehorse, i blame him :stuck_out_tongue: ) and have only had one game with them… outside of playing against my own Orcs and Goblin armies. I only got into Orks because everyone stopped playing Warhammer when 8th edition came along, then dabbled in AoS and even KillTeams , but had few enough games, and GW would change the rulebooks every time i managed to get a game in!


To name a few that I play.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles,
Age of Fantasy:Regiments,
Age of Fantasy,
Warlords of Evehwon,
Dragon Rampant

My Mongolians are individually based so they can work in these systems along with Kings of War.

Plus add in the skirmish games, like Vanguard and Age of Fantasy: Skirmish.

The benefits of multibasing pale in comparison to the benefits of individually based models.


Tight list! Always happy to see the wealth of mass army games still kicking, despite RNF being loudly declared a dead genre in 2015 :sweat_smile:

I’ll show my cards: 85% of the time the mystical return of WHFB is what people are holding off multibasing for, while I’d say 5% of the time they’re active Oldhammerers (i.e. not pining away for an official return and actively using their square-based GW models to play a GW game), and the other 10% are people who play smaller square-based games like Stonehorse here.

Apologies for grinding that axe, it wasn’t my original intent but the salt crept into me all the same. Multibasing really is a great way to play KOW, but obviously not required in any way, nor am I one of those players who take multibasing as a sign of fealty to Mantic or something. Like I said, I technically haven’t rebased either, I just keep making new armies on regiment trays, and use my old magnetized trays for my WHFB legacy army.


GW may have killed support for that system, but the rule books are still valid. Just means that we have to get creative with miniatures. My Beastmen are Northstar Gnolls, because I refuse to pay GW prices. My Empire are my Mongolians (think of them as Kislev). I stick to 6th edition with Ravening Hordes lists. Most balanced version of WFB.

I agree that magnetised units are the way forward!

I multibase all my stuff because the gameplay feeling is top notch. If any other games worth playing show up around my way, I will buy new models for that, and thereby create some revenue for the model companies that deserve it. KoW is the biggest around here, and I can help it grow by building awesome looking units for others to see. Why would people feel anything special for the game if I show them my same old unit on a movement tray that they have seen me use before? But if I give a demo or someone sees a game and are like “wow, that looks special. Is that an entire unit on a single base, looks extra dynamic and shit”. :wink: That creates interest IMO.