Super September- painting topic

So many zoom meetings means I have snuck in some painting. A sneaky goblin for vanguard/dnd

Ran out of 20x20 bases, but I did a last order before Brexit with a friend so I have new ones coming in in a few weeks.


I’ve finished the Greenskin Orc and Goblin Giant conversion… Apart from the touch ups with white… This is an old GW giant that I cut the arms head and legs below the knees off, and refitted with the spare parts of my Mantic giant, which are bulkier… I gotta say I thought at first that it wasn’t going to work!


Next step in my plot for World Domination… I mean… an army: Assembling this:

into two hordes of infantry, two regiments of cavalry, a druid, an examplar, and two riders for my GW griffons. I’m not going to be doing it all at once, I don’t think, but let’s start by assembling some heroes - they’re gonna need some kitbashing I think.


Hello! A bit more progress from this week, I continue painting models for Storm Wind cavalry regiment.


Those look awesome @Swordmaster ! Love the blended colors and highlights. Makes those lance tips really pop! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Mikes! I am glad this shows on just quick snapshots. Once the regiment is done (still quite a long way to go), I will take better photos. I really enjoy painting these models. Cheers!

Very nice. i like the palette choice, works well.

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Hi @Nav! Thanks! I am glad you like it, even though the snapshots turned out to be a bit dark and do not show the purple-turquoise transition well. Perhaps I need to work on even stronger contrast :slight_smile:

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A bit of grass on the base, a few final touch ups and it’ll be done. I’d considered adding a treadmill with a wolf /goat /captured prisoners in it to power the device, but opted for a block and tackle approach. After all, if goblins can make flying machines, why not a crane to heft the huge boulders into place?



Orc Greataxe coming along!


Finally painting something other than Mongolians!

Still a work in progress. Going for a very muted colour palette with these ‘Longhorns’/‘Bestigors’ for my Herd/Beastmen force.

Washed out dirty greys will be the over all colour of the force, character models may get a colour added.

The scheme is very quick to do, so I should be able to get the entire force done soon.


They’re very fierce-looking! What models are these?

Gnolls by Northstar Miniatures. They are nice, the detail is a bit soft on them. Which makes them a bit difficult to paint at times. Lots of detail that is sometimes hard to make out.


Thanks! You certainly made it work, even if it took some effort!

And now some wild gur panthers/chaos hounds. Waiting on the woodglue to dry before I paint the bases.


They could easily be used as wolves. What models are those?

As I’ve written a wolf minis guide… :smiley:
I’ll just jump in to answer, it’s LoTR Wargs from GW by the looks of it:


GW Lord of the Rings Wild Wargs. It is a kit I’ve got a lot of use out of. My Ogres used them as Sabertusks. Their Hyena inspired look fits my Hyena themed Herd.

Got some big Gnolls that work as Minotaurs as well.


First couple of Gnoll units finished. Currently working on a Regiment of Tribal Warriors and a Regiment of Spirit Walkers.


looking sweet