Sword of September - painting topic

Here’s my two new troops (one regiment) of mounted sergeants. I once built a regiment in this kind and I figured I needed a 2nd one.

They are converted GW outriders


Skeleton Warrior horde

The wall to door is total cowboy builder job I admit but it’s fine.


It reminds me of @Sceleris 's work, @coOk_pAss_BaBtridge . Not because of shoddy workmanship, far from it. It’s the tone/colour selection. Very nicely done. I love a good diorama style base.


Work in Progress on a unit of Roman Imperial Auxiliaries and in particular their bases. I love a good water feature, and I’m currently converting some old 40k scenery bits for the purpose, as the models didn’t come with bases. My Celts/ Britons are much easier to base as I can opt to use bigger Diorama style bases for their 4 deep warband bases, and add some features to the general chaos. At 4040, with a few 2040mm bases or single models, I can use the Romans for KoW or Hail Caesar and can use them in various formations.


With Mantic having official siege rules in the pipe, I continued to work on my Fireforge castle:

It’s still a long wall to go!


you can’t beat a good siege

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Thank you @Nav, the truth is I have no idea what i’m doing with the tone or colour i’m just winging it and experimenting.

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Just between you and me, (wink) “Winging it and Experimenting are my default positions. Nothing new was ever invented by thinking inside the box, or sticking to the accepted doctrine.” “ahhh! Can’t you just smell that? That’s the sweet intoxicating odour of Chaos !”
“No, you’re right. It is mammoth poop after all… but still!”


After a short trip abroad I went back to “leaf painting hell” and may now finally report “no leaf was left behind!” Mission accomplished! (almost - varnishing will take a bit with such a huge model too and the base needs work.)

Quite happy with the results so far and thanks to everyone here who encouraged me to keep the blue glowy bits and not paint them over black/shadowy :grin:


it certainly looks like a labour of love, and seriously sweet also. Well done @Mikes . I hate to curse you, but if it was me, i’d probably keep finding one more illusive leaf i thought was done, but was spotted in a certain angle to the light and annoyingly missed.


Thanks @Nav ! And yep, it’s been quite an adventure painting that Herder. ( … and keeping it out of the little ones hands … :baby: :sweat_smile:)

Definitely the largest model I’ve painted so far, except maybe that old GW dragon, but that was over 25 years ago :wink:

And no worries, no leaves were missed, none! I really got them all :manical laugh: :joy:


It looks great!

I have a (perhaps dumb) question… Why are your bases always the florescent green colour (whilst you are painting)? I know you base them after but I have been wondering for a while!

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Those rangers are going on my Xmas/new year list. One of the units missed by mantic! You’ve done an awesome job by the way!

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Thanks @screamingaddabs ! :slightly_smiling_face: … and no specific reason other than that s the way I always used to do bases even as I painted my first minis 25 years ago. :thinking:

Goblin green base, add flock and some rocks and some other bells and whistles, done. Nothing too fancy really :wink:


Maybe it’s the lighting, but the goblin green looks really bright! They always look great in the end, the bright green when painting was just quite noticable :slight_smile:

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oh yeah, now we’re talking!


Nearly finished Gladestalker regiment #2.
Last couple of dudes will go on after the water has cured.
It’s been a really fun experiment making my first waterfall.


That waterfall looks absolutely fabulous, @Findol , and i’m sure it was a fun build too. You know you have done well on a good base, when it almost looks a waste to put miniatures on it to cover up the wonder beneath.

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Finally finished this one for a friends Varangur army

This one took me a bit, I actually messed up with the arms.
I painted it but then realized it was slightly out of place (something hot water could have easily fixed but i feared to ruin the paintjob.)
So ended up using green stuff to position it correctly.
Really hoping it won’t suddenly fall off.


That’s looking fine @Dubren .
Hrimm is one of my favourite Mantic Models. It has plenty of detail to paint, and a great sculpture to make dry brushing and washing makes the task that bit easier for anyone tackling something thid big. It’s very forgiving.