The Herd: general discussion

A topic for a general discussion on The Herd - thoughts on units, your current lists, tactics etc.

If you want to discuss using the NA/Varangur/Orc list (something I’ve considered) or complain about the current list (something I’ve done), please could you do it here instead: The Herd in 3ed, what happened?!

I’m currently adding a forest contingent: treeherder, forest warden, horde/2 regiments of forest shamblers and regiment/2 troops of hunters of the wild.

I think the forest warden will have the inspiring talisman 95% of the time. Any suggestions on what, if anything, to give the treeherder?

I like the idea of scouting troops of hunters at the flanks to hunt ranged troops or distract larger enemy units. Not sure how well this would work in practice though.

Ive liked tricksters wand on him. great answer to Morgoth. For the forest warden i think lute is another option to consider as well

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The lute seems like a good call. Haven’t tried it but not sure about Hex.

How many tree units do you tend to take?

I am not a fan of using a forest warden as the unit looks expensive for what it does. I am not sure if it is meant to be a caster or a figthing unit, looks below average in both aspects. Personally, I prefer to use a druid with bane chant.

Concerning the tree herder I almost always run it with blade of slashing or just naked. It seems odd to use it as a caster, though he still poses a threat of an occasional surge.

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The lack of scout on the Druids pushed me towards the Warden. I could use Boots of the Seven Leagues for scout. Maybe in practice it’s not an issue?

I agree on the Tree Herder, he’s pretty good as he is. I think surging with him might be a mistake but am still tempted by the Boots of Levitation to keep him casting and moving at the double. Would elite from Blessing of the Gods work on his surge?

If you take the druid mounted you get it anywhere where needed. Though, even the unmounted druid can easily support the scouting units as it is enough to have him 12" behind them.

And yes, the Blessing of the Gods provides Elite even for the spells. Anyway, it is still odd to use so expensive unit as the tree herder to cast spells or boost it in this department.

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With the Druids, how do you normally kit them out?

In my current Herd list at 2000-2250 points I take just one, preferably mounted, with Heal(2), Bane Chant(2) and Conjurer’s staff. For other heroes the army includes 2 tree herders and Moonfang. The army itself is compoded of forest shamblers, 2-3 lycan hordes and harpies as a chaff.

Hi guys,

So I’m finally getting an army together. I am basically new to kow but watched so many reports (thanks death by dragons,Andy 2d6 , visibly Riley and master crafted!!) So I don’t feel so out of my depth lol.

I’ve decided on the herd, and going by units I want to model and use really,but wanted some opinions on my list. I am really not sure on items would benefit what the most but I think that will come. Another thing I am concerned about is speed, though I am thinking with pathfinder and wild charges I can minimise some of this negative. I can get speed with lycans but I’m not sure I want those straight away. Eventually I’ll have options but wanted to get a target in mind for my hobby budget/ work queue :slight_smile:

So the list as is, more than happy to alter but as I say,it’s.mostly stuff I want to use,

Horde of tribal spears

Regiment of longhorn’s

Regiment of trappers

Beast of nature with breath and extra attack

Beast of nature with breath and extra attack

Horde of guardian brutes

Horde of guardian brutes

Horde of earth elementals

Greater earth elementals

Glade walker druid with tome of darkness

Not really of the chaff I see people liking so maybe harpies or panthers?

What are the collective herds thoughts:)


Edit: just realised the severe lack of inspiring!

Was wondering at what point level your going to play.

I would seriously consider using more heroes and the harpies, panthers are

quite good.

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Sorry, was vague huh. Aiming for the sweet 2k spot.

I think you are right,I’ll definitely need some more inspiring in there.

At 2k I’m running 2 guardian brute hordes, lykan horde, regt of longhorns and spirit walkers.

2 harpy troops, 2 gur panther troops, beast of nature with xtra att and wings.

Gladewalker druid, and 2 other druids.

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How do you find the guardian brutes?

I was tempted by troops of warriors for chaff as they aren’t slow with pathfinder and could get off a thunderous charge, plus they’re a little tougher.

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Other than taking them because they look cool or already owning the models, I don’t think I’d take a troop of panthers. The troop is overshadowed by the harpies . At least a regiment of panthers would bring something different - higher Nv, US 3, more attacks. Admittedly at a cost.


To me the rule of cool trump’s all. If it fits the theme, then I’d use panthers over harpies. But let’s be honest,I am a casual gamer and unfortunately not a tournament player due to family commitments!

I love the Brutes. I give one the brew of strength. the other brew of sharpness.

well worth the points. With 30 attacks to the front they literally are the bull

in the china shop.

The harpies with fly take the flanks with speed and nimble that warriors don’t have,

same as the panthers.

Hope this helps.

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I based my stands at the same time so I can make them a

regt as I can with 2 trapper troops.

I also own a full spirit walker horde, 2 Greater earth elementals

a horde of chariots, moonfang (who is really cool) and assorted heroes.

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Are these ‘beastmen’ chariots or something else?

I was thinking of making a couple of large units of minotaur chariots (pretty much minotaurs, chariots and stampede minis on massive trays). Then probably give them both of the speed artefacts.

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As we were discussing them, a thread on the panthers from a few months back: Basilea, Sylvan Kin, The Herd: Gur Panthers, what are your thoughts?

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