Trident Realms in 3.0

10 pts is Mead of Madness; its thinking that Helm of the Drunken Ram for cs1, tc3 on a nimble flying unit might be fun …

They have lots of special rules, which bumps their costs up over the direct damage they actually do in a straight comparison with some others, but they aren’t terrible.

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Helm erase Strider/Pathfider. I use it on a 3rd thuul regiment. 2 Hidden Ones and one regular for a solid TC2. But Mead on THuul/DH is great.

I put in a 4th with brew of strength and bane chant on Ineesha cause thuul get hosed by phalanx without that

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That is true. On the other hand most phalanx is low defense. If You Play with thuul only then I see a point but if You have other tools then I would prefer sharpness (cheaper for regiments) or Hammer.

I can’t fit sharpness sadly. Here’s my idea for changes

Trident Realm
The Hidden Ones [1] (Formation) 0
Thuul (F) (Regiment) 170
Thuul (F) (Regiment) 170
Thuul Mythican (F) 90

  • Bane Chant (2) 20
    Thuul (Regiment) 160
  • Helm of the Drunken Ram 15
    Naiad Centurion 115
  • Trident of the Drowned Sea [1] (Range 12", Piercing (1), Ra 3+, Units that suffer damage are Disordered) 25
    Gigas (Horde) 205
    Depth Horror Eternal 115
    Thuul (Regiment) 160
  • Brew of Strength 30
    Thuul Aquamage 90
  • Rising Tides [1] - Aura (Wild Charge (+1)) 15
  • Library Barkskin 1 25
    Depth Horror Eternal 115
    Leviathan’s Bane 95
    Leviathan’s Bane 95
    Depth Horrors (Horde) 185
  • Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding 15
    Depth Horrors (Horde) 185
    Kyroqsh, the Hunter in the Deep [1] 140
    Leviathan’s Bane 95

Total Unit Strength: 23
Total Units: 16
Target Points: 2330
Core (Target%): 2330 (100%)

Uuu… 3 Banes! Interesting!

Wierd thing is that both elven and Trident’s bolt throwers have a special non-obligatory option that makes it more/less than a shooting engine. I would say it is a good thing as long as You do not take them only for shooting.


show me Your naiad ensnarers. I am painting minę and I wonder how other players did theirs.

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I just don’t know how effective they really are. And losing tidal swarms makes me sad…

Loosing tidal swarms ? In what way?

Just my list I made I didn’t have room for them. Figuring out the perfect trident realms list feels tough


Swarms are great but not in every list.

I agree It can be tough but also this is the fun part! So many options and styles.

Few pictures for my lastest tournament.


As you can see I did take banes and Dambusters in my list. Banes are great. Not scoring but does more damage than heartpiercers and Entral.

Dambusters is a unit I would nit take in a offensive list. They are good inna shooting list as a counter punch.


Hordę is done. Now I add few missing leaves and ensnarers are ready to regen.


Finally finished my Trident King.


The Frog comes out amazing and your painting skills are fantastic. A great idea well done.

Which of the Niads is the King btw?


Thanks! I do like painting toads. They are easy ro paint with washes and drybrush and the end result is great!

Regular naiad with Ice Naiad masekd head.

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Wonderful :smiley:

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That is one superb miniature. Loving the detail on the base. What’s not to love about a water feature? Is it a Frog or a toad? I’d need to see it from overhead to decide. It is a bit warty, and the legs don’t look overly long, which would indicate toad, but colour might nudge it into Frog.

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I believe those are toads.

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