Trident Realms in 3.0

Really an impressive kitbash, I’ve rarely seen a Trident King and certainly never a Mantic one. Vibrant colors make the build sing as well.


I use him from time to time when I need a shooty unit. He is not bad. Still most players just pass on him.

Thanks. Colours should work with the rest of my army… And nie I have to sell my old Trident King model!

Awesome job!

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Final units of my army. Took me too long to paint those.


Wow! Respect. They look awesome.
Added to that, knowing just how fiddly and challenging those particular miniatures are, how easy it is for bits to randomly fall off, … serious Wow-factor!


Sculpts are great but those are females so they are in general… Subtle. Which is fantastic but takes a ton of time to paint as I was not washing skin and armour for example.

I have also pined every single model to the base. Which helps a lot. I did break one spear once but was able to drill a hand and replace the broken element.

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