What about Warpath?

I used the forum search but hardly found anything - or is there a seperate forum for Warpath (which I also couldn’t find, if so :wink: ) ?

I’d love to find a good system to use my (mainly Infinity) Sci-fi miniatures (and also an excuse to buy new miniatures of course (don’t tell my husband :smiley: ) ) …

Is the game still supported? Are the rules any good? Is it fun?


I don’t know of any WP forum, sorry
Rules are supported, gam is fun but large (rules are free)

Firefight, the medium skirmish game has currently an open beta for 2nd Edition

Deadzone, small scale Skirmish got a 3rd Edition recently

For Infinity models, depending on your collection, I would say Firefight would be the game to look at


like Kodos said above the rules are good but they are massive. I would seriously look into Deadzone for your Infinity models the new edition has just landed and you generally run around 10-12 models in a standard game. Depending on faction that can go up or down.

The infinity figures would work well for Enforcers with heavily armoured figures like Holy Order troopers, or Mazon Labs/ GCPS in general. You can even choose game to game what list you run them as and it will change up how they perform on the table


I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more conversation about Warpath around! Though as others have said, it’s a bit bigger of a game. I’ve enjoyed playing it a couple of times, but I haven’t had too many chances to do so.

Deadzone probably would be better to start with but I don’t have any personal experience with the new edition.

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It’s mostly a tidy up of second, so if you liked that then you will enjoy third.


I tried Deadzone 1st (I guess) edition but I am not a fan of the gameplay with the squares. I love homemade terrain and free walking around. My Plague minitures are now in the box with the Frostgrave villains. :smiley:
As for the Infinity miniatures - I really have quite a lot, I’ll count them later, don’t want to wake up husband rn. :wink: So I thought they might be enough for Warpath - especially if it also works with multibasing? Does it?
I think I’ll buy this 3 book bundle first (yeah, I am a book nerd :stuck_out_tongue: - on screen reading is not for me) - one can never have enough books! :wink: Also I do fancy the space rats :rat: :rat: :rat:


So, after counting - I have 68 Infinity models, plus 2 TAGs.
Also I own round about 40 Sci-Fi miniatures from different companies (not all of them would fit, but there is always Stargrave :smiley: ) .
Would that be enough for a start with Warpath?

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Would be enough, but I still suggest to look into Firefight first, as you don’t have any large vehicles

Beta Rules:

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Everything above AND try Deadzone again! It’s been through a lot of changes since 1st edition and is now probably Mantic’s best streamlined game. It’s really good and there is nothing stopping you from terrain you already own/build.


I’d vote for Deadzone as well. The updated rules are really tight and the usual game size / miniature count should be pretty close to a typical Infinity match as well.

I’m actually thinking of going the other way round and plan to eventually paint some Deadzone models … that I may also use to play Infinity with a good friend who’s all into that. :wink:


But is it still played in squares?
Well, I have to smuggle the idea of yet another system slowly into husband’s head anyways… :stuck_out_tongue:

And what about the multibasing of Warpath minis? Is it a thing? Couldn’t find anything on Youtube - only movement trays. :thinking:

Well, the WP rulebook should arrive anytime soon… :grinning:

Deadzone is still with cubes, because it works well

And yes Multi Basing in WP is a thing, but for reasons the SciFi Community does not receive this as well as the Fantasy crowed

Even in other scales, single based models are preferred unless it goes down to 10/6mm or smaller


Maybe because you can use the models in Firefight and Deadzone too…or, uhhh, other companies games😱. I could imagine people don’t want to pass on that oppertunity.

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but this is similar with Kings of War, or historical games but than people rather get the specific models for their skirmish games rather than avoid multi-basing at all cost

my personal theory is that because people are used to the high model prices from 40k, SciFi gamers try to play as many games as possible with the same models while multi-basing because it is of no use in 40k is a no go as you cannot use the models in that game

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Single basing my KoW models, for me, is about 90% nostalgia and 10% wanting to have the flexibility to reform the models to other units/unit sizes
… which i rarely if ever have done. (Although making 2 Seaguard Regiments out of an Archer and a Talkspear Reg. was pretty good, after the latest CoK … but that s the one instance where i actually did it! :grin: )

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I’ll go for multibasing everytime. It’s such a fun part of the hobby. I slotted one werewolf, so that I can still use it for Vanguard. I would do the same with Warpath if I were to play it. Or at least go for the multibases and get creative with them.

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Bad news! :see_no_evil: :pleading_face:

The Warpath book arrived today and husband was like “meehhhh, they are all ugly” - “meeeehhhh, I don’t like Sci-Fi anyways” - “meeehhhh, I don’t want too many projects/armies/systems”…

:sob: :sob: :sob:

So many guys would like to have a woman who is into the hobby… he is so ungrateful :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Ugly?:scream: As in: ‘Damn those Plague mutants are ugly!’ or as in: ‘I don’t like the models.’ Surely the first, noone would call the glorious Enforcers of the council of seven ugly. It would be the last thing they say…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Well, he especially disliked the Asterians and the Enforcers. As I already stated that GCPS/Marauders will be mine - Spaceorks!! - he was already done.

Sadly he is just not that easy to be hyped! :pleading_face:
“We already want to play Stargrave, eh?” - last words on that. Well my minitature collection for stargrave will be enormous… :stuck_out_tongue:

Your Deadzones minis are sweet!! :star_struck:

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Thanks. Isn’t Stargrave miniature agnostic? You could but your miniatures to double/triple use.

Anyway, let’s just hope the council won’t order containment protocols on your place. :wink:

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