The Dwarfs of The Fool's Hold

I used the holiday to finish off my last few dwarfs and haul the rest out for pictures.

Here are the (all Mantic) 210 dwarfs, 21 brocks, 16 mastiffs, 3 guns and 1 giant mechanical ram that I wrote this backstory for:

The lot of them.

The Vanguard warband.


Ironguard and shield breakers.

Brock riders and a lord on large brock.




Well, that’s just beautiful work throughout I love it. Are the flagstones laser cut into some of your bases or did you draw them on by hand?

I’m off to have a read of your backstory for the Fools now, I’ll leave you to work out your next purchases in the meantime :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

The flagstone were laser engraved when the bases were cut, so I could drybrush the bases to bring out the detail. I then put an extra layer of Agrax in the space between the flagstones to bring them out more.

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That’s a lot of Dwarfs!

Looks great, hope you get a chance to use them all soon enough.

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By Grungi’s beard! Now that is one fine, ale drinking, axe wielding Throng you have their! I love the simplicity yet poignancy of the clan emblem!

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With the addition of a bigger hill and a suitable mat, I now have a “complete” set of terrain that matches the basing for my dwarfs.


Fantastic to have a fully painted army and the matching terrain too! Well done! I would love to play against this army in real life :slight_smile:

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May your axe ring true, and your tankard be ever full, grognard!